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One of the exciting things about being a licensed clinician is the opportunity to support and enhance the growth of developing clinicians.  My interns are carefully selected, based on their alignment with my practice, expertise and critical consciousness. Please consider contacting them for services - they are amazing therapists, they offer lower fees (with sliding scales) and they are supervised by me. You won't be disappointed. 

aba horthy

Aba Horthy (They/Them) is a queer mixed nonbinary therapist who creates a nonjudgmental space for their clients and has a passion for helping clients find and express their authentic selves. Born in a conservative country in Europe, living in the Caribbean and then migrating to the US, Aba understands issues of human rights, immigration, as well cultural barriers and internalized shame around queer sexuality and gender. They have a deep capacity for working with trauma and supporting clients who think their story is “too heavy” for others to bear. In addition to trauma, they specialize in LGBTQIA+ related life challenges, such as coming out, body dysphoria, social and medical transition, LGBQIA+ youth issues, as well as chronic illness, disability, aging, grief, loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia. They also have a background in acting, writing, and producing and understand the challenges of the industry.


rebeks clark mane

Rebeks Clark Mane (they/them) is a transmasculine nonbinary therapist who specializes in trauma, LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy, and life with chronic illness, disability and neurodiversity. Rebeks’ approach to therapy is to provide a grounded sense of containment to enable deeper healing-work. They also bring in humor, psycho-education, EMDR and a social justice framework to help clients reclaim their authentic selves and create a fulfilling life that is more than the sum of what happened to them.


kim seabrooks

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erica alsenat

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