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Everyone needs a community. Even therapists. My collaborative partnerships are practitioners I thoroughly trust to be kind, antiracist, ethical and effective. Perhaps I don't have space to accommodate new clients or you need an adjunct resource to complete your mental health team. Look no further. These clinicians are nothing short of magical.

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Stacy Scates, LMFT

Stacy (she/her) is a relational practitioner that integrates depth psychology with the Eastern philosophies of Yoga and Ayurveda to offer a holistic and collaborative approach to therapy. Stacy provides therapy to couples, individuals and families experiencing depression and anxiety, those struggling with pandemic related uncertainty, fear, and sadness, or clients in need of new coping skills. If you are feeling a bit lost, are experiencing trauma symptoms, or would like some help processing, you may benefit from therapy with Stacy to increase your confidence, discover creative breakthroughs, find balance and harmony, and experience greater joy in your relationships.


If that weren't exciting enough, Stacy and I collaboratively supervise interns. We are passionate about training antiracist, socially just, intersectionally aware therapists. We are currently not accepting new interns, but if you are interested in future training, please reach out to one or both of us. 



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Coming soon!

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