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Psy.D., LCSW

Everyone struggles. Whether your individual struggle is with your significant other, your family of origin, traumatic experiences, oppression, your job, school, your community, your organization, how you feel about yourself or something else, I am here to help.  Utilizing a trauma informed, collaborative lens, I will work with you to identify and address both the symptoms and the source of your pain.  

I am not your typical therapist.  I will not ask you how you feel every few minutes, sit in silence or nod approvingly when you talk about your parents.  I will laugh with you, challenge you, bear witness to your lived experiences, and help you identify healthy coping strategies.  Together, we will develop a new narrative that shapes the life you want to live.  No more surviving..... initiate therapy with me to start thriving

Dr. Wendy Ashley

Experience an interactive therapy that is never conventional


  • Psychotherapy (individuals, couples and families)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT)
  • Culturally relevant, anti-oppressive intervention
  • Training
  • Consultation
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Would you like to improve your relationships with your significant other, family, children or colleagues? Are you exhausted trying to maintain daily activities? Struggling with anxiety, depression, sleep problems, feeling irritable or unhappy? Many of us didn't get the attention, empathy and support we needed in our formative years, which often results in emotional wounds we carry as adults. Perhaps seeking therapy is not your first choice in resolving the problem(s), seems to be an extravagant expense or is culturally in-congruent. However, since we are often wounded in our primary family relationships, it is through relationships that we heal.  


I help clients manage trauma, heal their wounds and empower them to develop and maintain healthy, happy relationships. Call me and we can decide together if this relationship is a good fit to begin the journey toward healing, happiness and a sense of peace.


Contact Me

One of the most important elements of selecting a therapist is fit.  If I can tell you more about who I am, how I practice and what to expect, you will make a more informed decision regarding the best therapist for you.  I welcome your text, call, or email with questions, concerns or readiness to schedule an appointment.  

12240 Venice Blvd

Suite 15 A

Los Angeles, CA 90066

Note: My fee is $300 for individual and couples sessions.  Training and consultation have different rates. 

I do not accept insurance, except to provide an invoice for reimbursement for those with PPO plans

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